TRC 297: Most Relaxing Song + “Dangerous” Beers + Paternal Mitochondria

dog_headphonesTRC episode 297 would win the podcast equivalent of a Pulitzer if that kind of thing existed. Pat leads off the show with some investigative journalism into whether or not scientists really did discover the most relaxing song of all time, as was reported widely in the media. Next, Elan looks into a article that has been trending about beers that should be avoided at all costs because they have dangerous ingredients. Darren closes out the show by exploring if mitochondria is only inherited through the maternal line.

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“Most Relaxing Song Ever”

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Paternal Mitochondria

IFLS picture

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3 Responses to TRC 297: Most Relaxing Song + “Dangerous” Beers + Paternal Mitochondria

  1. Sarah says:

    Fish bladder is also know as isinglass and is used in brewing to clarify products such as beer and wine. It sounds a disgusting but it’s no more disgusting than using gelatine in jellies or rennet in cheese.

  2. JB says:

    Re: 297 Most Relaxing song.

    I listen to skeptic podcasts because they have interesting stories and while Skeptics have their own spin they acknowledge that there is a lot of BS out there. Most of the time, and I’m equally guilty of this, it is all opinion based and if there is any research it is safe easy research. Research is hard.

    Which I think is part of the reason I really liked the Song segment. It was well researched, very nicely put together, impressively presented with excellent podcast production and team discussion. Well done Pat, well done guys!

    I really liked that in the discussion it was pointed out how “science” can be created and just how far that creation can go, even being repeated in reputable magazines.

    I think it was Adam, who said it was “typical” and to be expected. Which is getting very close to what I think. It is BS, it is all BS, truth is mostly invented, even our own truth is for the most part invented to serve one purpose or another. I suspect you guys maybe be getting perilously close to seeing that in the Skeptic movement as well. At that point I will be a fan but then may find that I agree with so much of your podcast that I would stop listening.

    For now I’m still listening and wanted to say well done, both on the song segment and the podcast overall which is usually well researched and presented. Yeah, yeah I’ll get around to an itunes review with lots of stars and nice comments. Later JB

  3. Pat says:

    Thank you for the comment, JB. Much appreciated. I might take a few minutes to agree with some of what you have written here but I would hate to lose you as a listener!

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