TRC #294: Loch Ness Monster + Astronomy Name That Game + Can Elephants Jump

loch_ness_monster-300x162In probably the greatest podcast you’ll ever hear, the guys bring the skepticism in a big way for episode 294 of The Reality Check. Adam starts things off by exploring whether or not there really is a sea monster in Loch Ness. Next, Pat hosts a game of Name That with questions about astronomy. Darren closes out the show by answering whether or not elephants can jump. Enjoy!

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Loch Ness Monster

Debunked: Photo of “Nessie” in Apple Maps Satellite image of Loch Ness [Boat] – Metabunk

Loch Ness “monster” or “Nessie” – The Skeptic’s Dictionary –

Daily Mail Article – Loch Ness Monster Sighting

Plesiosaur – Wikipedia

Loch Ness – Wikipedia

Name That: Astronomy Edition

Voyager 1 Distance From Earth

Solar System Revolving around the Galaxy

Neutron Stars

About-Space: Neutron Starts Elliptical Galaxies

NASA – Ask an Astrophysicist: Most Common Type of Galaxy

Teach Astronomy: Elliptical Galaxies

Wichita State University: Astronomy Q&As

Harvard University: Galaxy Types

Universe Today: Which Planets Have Rings

Why Does Saturn Have Rings?

Can Elephants Jump

How It Works

Operation Dumbo Drop

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6 Responses to TRC #294: Loch Ness Monster + Astronomy Name That Game + Can Elephants Jump

  1. Ellen says:

    With respect to the question of animals that were formerly considered cryptids, there are quite a few. Here’s an article:

  2. David says:

    When you mentioned Columba, I just couldn’t help thinking, “Excuzhe me… sir… Lieutenant Columba, Los Angeles Police… could you jesht help me out with something? You know Mrs. Columba says I always forget my notes… ah! Here! You see, sir, this says the blob was found on the print but not on the negative. Do you see my *problem*, sir?”

  3. Morden says:

    Great show as always. In regards to elephants I thought you may be interested to know that wild elephants do stand on their hind legs to reach particularly tasty treats. There is a photo of this amongst the images in this gallery.!/portfolio/wildlife/wildlife-big-bulky/18

    They also DO have predators – although it is not particularly common there have been large prides of lions that have specialized in killing elephants at certain times most notably in the Savute region of Botswana where this was captured by a BBC film crew: They babies also are vulnerable to attack by lions.

    I’m not nitpicking just thought you might find this info interesting:) Love the show!

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