TRC #293: Jenny McCarthy Isn’t Anti Vax? + Blast Processing + Darren’s Charity Update + Are Bats Blind?

Genesis-2Episode 293 of The Reality Check is action packed!   First Pat looks at whether Jenny McCarthy’s claims that she isn’t an anti vaxxer hold up.   Next special guest Sean Corse (aka Sean Orange) of the Famicom Dojo podcast joins the crew to answer a listener request about ‘Blast Processing.’   Darren then provides an update on the charitable campaign he started last year.   Lastly Elan looks into whether bats are actually blind.

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Jenny McCarthy Isn’t Anti Vax?

The Grey Area On Vaccines

Phil Plait’s Response

Jeffery Kluger’s Response

Blast Processing

Blast Processing! (Sega Genesis Commercial)

Famicom Dojo:

Darren’s Charity Update

TRC Episode 235

Reduce Suffering


Giving What We Can

Are Bats Blind?

Today I Found Out: Bats are not blind

USA Today: Blind as a Bet Isn’t All That Blind

Batman Forever Scene


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