TRC #235: Smarter Donating + Eye Colour + Roll Up the Rim

eye-colorEpisode 235 of The Reality Check brings the skepticism in a big way with 3 sizzling segments. Darren starts of the show by discussing how one can optimize their charity giving. Elan then looks into eye colour and whether or not it is true that two blue eyed parents cannot have a brown eyed child. Adam closes things out with whether or not some Roll Up The Rim to Win cups sizes have higher chances of winning.

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Smarter Donating

Information on donating and Darren’s matching campaign

Dean Karlan blog post

Darren’s More Than Good Intentions book review

Eye Colour

Eye Color – The Myth

Hudson Alpha – The Genetics of Eye Color


Roll Up The Rim To Win

Roll Up The Rim To Win cup size distribution for 2006

Roll Up The Rim To Win at RedFlagsDeals Forum

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