TRC #290: Smoking and Lung Cancer + Dogs Sensing Magnetic fields + Diet and Acne + Patterson Best Selling Author

dogPat starts things off by Reality Checking a  remark from a previous episode that it’s unlikely to get lung cancer if you’ve never smoked. Adam then looks into if dogs can sense magnetic fields. Next Elan answers a listener question regarding whether eating chocolate causes acne. Darren closes out the show by answering whether it’s true that James Patterson is a best selling author.

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Smoking and Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer Research Dollars and Donations – Why Cancer Strikes Nonsmokers

Lung Cancer In Non Smokers and Bias

Lung Cancer Newsletter

Dogs Sensing Magnetic Fields

Dogs are sensitive to small variations of the Earth’s magnetic field

User comment on original paper

Do Dogs Line Themselves Up With the Earth’s Magnetic Field to Poop? – The SkeptVet Blog

Diet and Acne

Wikipedia – Acne

How Stuff Works – Is chocolate bad for your skin?

How Stuff Works – Do certain foods trigger acne breakouts?

WebMD – Chocolate and Acne

WebMD – Acne Causes – AcneNet – Accutane

James Patterson

Wikipedia Best Selling Authors

Wikipedia James Patterson

NY Times


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6 Responses to TRC #290: Smoking and Lung Cancer + Dogs Sensing Magnetic fields + Diet and Acne + Patterson Best Selling Author

  1. R.J.Buchanan says:

    Stephen King may not have a recent book turned movie, but there is the hit TV series “Under the Dome”.

    Also, Patterson’s stable of coauthors shouldn’t be glosses over.

  2. Chris T says:

    Also there was a re-make (or reboot as they like to say in the hope of making it sound less derivative) of Carrie made in 2013 which would make Stephen King the author with the most recent film adaptation.

    Love the podcast!

    • Adam G. says:

      Oh thanks I totally forgot about that. Stephen King has done so much it would have been safe to assume at any given time he’s got some kind of movie, show or mini series in the works.

  3. Justin says:

    Hey Guys
    Great episode. I hear Gunslinger is being made into a movie, and Stephen King is washing his hands of it. Which should indicate how great it will be. And Under the Dome was terrible. Otherwise Elan I took Accutane as well when I was a teen, and likely had similar acne problems, and those dry lips were horrible to say the least. To address ‘past’ Elan Use Carmex worked great for those lips, but I am surprised you didn’t mention the one side effect of Accutane that stood out to me “Suicide”. It struck me as odd that this could be a side effect and they would still give it to hormonal teens. Maybe there is an episode there I don’t know. Just thought I would put it out there.

  4. Hey Justin thanks for the comment. I do recall being told that suicide was a potential side effect of Accutane. I didn’t mention it just because that wasn’t the focus of the segment and I felt it was too big of a claim to sort of just say as an aside. I agree that it could make for a good segment.

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