TRC #289: Malaysian Flight 370 + Congruence Bias + Who is Dankey Kang?

hqdefaultThe Four Horsemen of the Skeptpocalypse are back with another fun and interesting episode for number 289. Darren leads things off with an analysis of the media coverage of the missing Malaysian Flight 370. Next Elan re-opens fallacy/bias school with an overview of congruence bias and how it affects our daily lives. Adam closes out the show by answering if someone really wrote the words “Dankey Kang” as an answer to a clue on Jeopardy.

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Malaysian Flight 370

Plane Crash Info




Natural News

NY Times

Business Insider

Congruence Bias

Wikipedia – Congruence Bias

io9 – The congruence bias is why we all jump to conclusions and stay the

i-Sight – Fraud and the Congruence Bias

NYMag – The impersonator

Investigating Software – The Arrogance of Regression Testing

WebMD – Mononucleosis

Dankey Kang

Dankey Kang – Know Your Meme

Tweet by Mike Rosenthal

J! Archive – Show #5774, aired 2009-10-22



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1 Response to TRC #289: Malaysian Flight 370 + Congruence Bias + Who is Dankey Kang?

  1. paulo saiz says:

    Adam next time you are inspired to discuss some Jeopardy answer like Danky Kang, do us all a favor and don’t! ^_^ For most of the segment I had no freaking idea what in the bejeezus you were talking about!

    “Clueless in Massachusetts”

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