TRC #288: Is Andy Kaufman Dead + Fish Fridays + Sheri’s Berries

andy_kaufman_lEpisode 288 of The Reality Check is a prime example of why podcasting was invented. Elan leads off the show with an exploration into the claim that Andy Kaufman is still alive. Next, Adam answers whether or not there is a conspiracy by fishermen that has led to many people eating fish on Fridays. Pat closes out the show with a segment on a factual misrepresentation in ads for Sheri’s Berries.

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Andy Kaufman

Snopes – Andy Kaufman Hoax

Wikipedia – Andy Kaufman Death Hoax Rumours – Is Andy Kaufman Still Alive?

Fish Fridays

Lust, Lies And Empire: The Fishy Tale Behind Eating Fish on Friday – The Salt – NPR

No fish story: Sandwich saved his McDonald’s – USA Today

What Are the Rules for Fasting and Abstinence in the Catholic Church?

Fasting – Roman Catholicism – Wikipedia

English Reformation – Wikipedia

The Pope and the Price of Fish

Sheri’s Berries

Bill Burr Shari’s Berries Live Read

Huffington Post: This Just in Strawberries are Not Berries

Wikipedia: Berry

Wikipedia: Aggregate Fruit

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1 Response to TRC #288: Is Andy Kaufman Dead + Fish Fridays + Sheri’s Berries

  1. Andy's Cough says:

    Andy Kaufman faking his death is a great attest to his spirit in motion! You have helped perpetuate this myth!
    Headstuff recently put up an alarming article with evidence supporting the reasons why Andy Kaufman is still alive.
    We figured you’d get a kick out of it!

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