TRC #271: Computer Use & Carpal Tunnel + Name That: Number Edition + Facebook Word Search

1455044_10151802489768883_984856837_nIt’s the end of the week and that means it’s time for another dynamic episode of The Reality Check. This week is a doozy featuring three fun segments. First, Elan looks into the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome epidemic of the 90’s and whether or not computer use is in fact a cause of the ailment. Next, Pat leads a game of Name That, with all of the questions being number-based. Darren closes out the show by ranting about another thing that’s bugging him on Facebook.

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Carpal Tunnel

OHS Canada – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: The Epidemic That Never Was

Australia Literature Review

Freakonomic Radio – Whatever Happened to the Carpal Tunnel Epidemic?

CCOHS – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Medical News Today – What Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? What Causes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Harvard University Gazette – Computer use deleted as carpal tunnel syndrome cause

The Engineer – Mayo Clinic debunks link between heavy computer use and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Name That

Wikipedia: Absoute Zero

surface temperature of pluto

Wikipedia: Liquid Helium

Wikipedia: Infinity Symbol

Chances of rolling a Yahtzee

Wikipedia: Escape Velocity

Lu Chao record holder for reciting PI


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