TRC #270: Effective Altruism + Drinking While Eating + Square on Toothpaste Tube

toothpasteIt’s episode 270 of The Reality Check and the gang is back with another solid dose of skepticism. Darren starts things off with an interesting look into the Effective Altruism movement and how one can be most effective when trying to do good. Adam then presents a segment on whether or not you should drink while eating. Elan closes out the show by answering if the coloured square on the bottom of a toothpaste tube indicates the composition of the toothpaste.

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Effective Altruism


Darren’s Fundraiser

Eating While Drinking

Do Cold Drink Alter Digestion? – NeuroLogica Blog

Why you shouldn’t drink water while you eat – The Wellness Warrior

Natural Way of Living: The Harm in Drinking Water While Eating

Stop Drinking Water With Meals — Seriously – Discovery Fit & Health – Sara Novak

Square Colour on Toothpaste

Screenshot of Facebook Post

Snopes – Toothpaste Markings



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3 Responses to TRC #270: Effective Altruism + Drinking While Eating + Square on Toothpaste Tube

  1. Angela says:

    I had actually never heard this one until recently when I co-worker told me that she doesn’t drink during meals because it ‘dilutes’ vitamins in her food. Glad to hear that it’s all a myth… can’t believe how many articles on Google come up saying this is true though!

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