TRC #272: Rob Ford + Sleeping Twice Per Night + Vaccine Myths + George Washington Wooden Teeth

vaccineRight on schedule, we present to you episode 272 of The Reality Check. We provide a brief overview of Rob Ford and why he is still in office. Then, Adam starts off the first segment of the show with a look into if our ancestors slept twice per night, and if that’s a healthier sleeping habit that should be adopted. Darren then goes over a bunch of flu vaccine myths (hint: get the flu shot). Elan closes things out with the myth of the week: Did George Washington have wooden teeth? All of this plus your regular dose of rants and jokes. Enjoy!


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Rob Ford

Sleeping Twice Per Night

Your Ancestors Didn’t Sleep Like You – SlumberWise

Are we meant to sleep in 8 hour increments? – Reddit

Activity Monitoring of the Inhabitants in Tauwema, a Traditional Melanesian Village: Rest/Activity Behaviour of Tribriand Islanders (Papua  New Guinea)

Segmented Sleep – Wikipedia

The myth of the eight-hour sleep

A. Roger Ekirch

Sleep Architecture in Unrestrained Rhesus Monkeys Synchronized to 24-Hour Light-Dark Cycles

Vaccine Myths

Red Wine & Applesauce

George Washington Wooden Teeth – Wooden Teeth Myth

Popular Mechanics – 8 Popular Tooth Myths Debunked


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