TRC #236: Crying + Ghost Orbs + Napoleon

dawson-cryingEpisode 236 starts off with a Taylor Swift inspired parody and then skepticises all the way until the last outtake is complete. Pat leads off the show with a TRC exclusive regarding crying and which eye tears first. Adam then explores the supposed ghost orbs that sometimes appear in photographs. Elan ends the show by looking into whether Napoleon was short.

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Crying: Left eye, right eye

Google search – left eye right eye crying

George Takei – facebook

Daily Dot – Most influential people on Facebook:

Dr. Jerry Nolfi

Dr. Ad Vingerhoets

Why Only Humans Weep: Unravelling the Mysteries of Tears

The Frog Man

Ben’s experiment

Ghost Orbs

The Truth Behind Orbs –

Orb (optics) – Wikipedia


Adam’s orb photos:

Adam's ghost orb - Weird lines on the wall! A tiny ghost orb A large ghost orb


Today I Found Out – Napoleon Short Myth

Napoleon Complex – Wikipedia

Young Sick and Invisible: A Skeptic’s Journey With Chronic Illness

Indiegogo – Young Sick and Invisible: A Skeptic’s Journey With Chronic Illness

Scribbles and Rants


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6 Responses to TRC #236: Crying + Ghost Orbs + Napoleon

  1. Rick K. says:

    Re: Podcast 236:
    George Takei’s last name is pronounced, “tah-kay”. He had a campaign not too long ago where he suggested using his name instead of the then-forbidden term, “gay” to describe homosexuals at a school. Yes, it does rhyme with his name.

  2. Bramak17 says:

    Cause for streaking orbs, flying insects. Depending on time of year insects flying close to a light source and lens will also appear as a blob (orb) of light and since they can move quite fast they will leave streaks. Two examples of this are the field in Colorado (Denver?) that was supposed too have some kind of super natural activity and the servalence camera that supposably caught an angel or ghost. Both of these are examples of insects too close to the lens.

    • Adam says:

      Good point. I wonder if Pete’s sister’s pictures could have been fruit flies or something. Did I mention insects? I meant to but not in any detail.

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