TRC #227: fMRI + High Heels + Sally Field

sallyEpisode 227 of The Reality Check is all over the map with segment topics ranging from cutting edge science to celebrity gossip. Guest panelist Dallas Card starts off the show with a discussion about fMRI and vegetative states. Adam then challenges Elan’s previous segment on High Heels by presenting a dubious segment of his own on the topic. Elan closes out the show with a look at whether Sally Field was as needy in 1984 as many thought.

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Overview of MRI and fMRI

MRI details

Adrian Owen’s work

Media coverage

On the agenda:

Rasouli case:

Hassan Rasouli case before Supreme Court will have profound effect on end-of-life care decisions

The science of high heels

Can evolution explain high heels?

Evolution and Human Behavior – High heels as supernormal stimuli: How wearing high heels affects judgements of female attractiveness

Status displays: I’ve got you labelled – The Economist

The Reality Check #118: Number Stations + Bart Farkas Interview + Do Men Notice High Heels?

Sally Field

Wikipedia – Sally Field

IMDB – Norma Rae

Reclaim the media – Remembering Norma Rae

Yahoo Answers – You Love Me, You Really Love Me




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2 Responses to TRC #227: fMRI + High Heels + Sally Field

  1. Mark says:

    Hey guys! Just listening to Ep 227 and wanted to clarify/correct something for you on shrapnel and bullets in fMRI. While it freaks _everyone_ out a bullet will not cause any issues in an fMRI since it is non-ferrous. Sadly, I know this from personal experince, though it is a lot of fun to watch new techs try and figure out if they can do it or not.

  2. Jo says:

    Small comment about high heels…
    The article :
    Mention that the high heels were invented in the 16 s. but don’t put emphasis that men were wearing it, not women. It makes no sense to call it evolutionary after that! The study reveals that we find attractive and feminine nowadays even unconsciously, women wearing high heels.It doesn’t mean it was always the case. Different times have different models of beauty… I was highly skeptic of that segments and this article didn’t convince me a bit! We could say as an argument why it was evolutionary fashionable for men, it is said that taller men have more success, so it would be normal for them to wear high heels like they did in Renaissance…

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