The Reality Check #118: Number Stations + Bart Farkas Interview + Do Men Notice High Heels?

How to beat Starcraft

Adam counts the mysteries surrounding number stations. Jon interview Bart Farks about the JREF, the million dollar challenge, and the Starcraft strategy guide? Elan has trouble figuring out why women wear high heels, do men even notice them?

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Show Notes

Number Stations
The Conet Project
Numbers station – Wikipedia
One-time pad
Espionage Is in the Air – Miami New Times

Bart Farkas and JREF’s Season of Reason
Donate to the JREF!
Bart Farkas’ Oeuvre

Do Men Notice High Heels?
Study – Men Don’t Notice Women Wearing High Heels

Smartplanet – High Heel Hazards

Healthmad – High Heel Hazards


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