TRC #226: Do Doctors Kill More Than Guns + Udo Schuklenk + Hydrogen Peroxide

5501074888_012643e335The Reality Check gang comes out the gate guns blazing with the first episode of 2013. Darren McKee leads things off with an exploration into whether guns kill more people than doctors do. Next is an interview with bioethicist Udo Schuklenk that was recorded at Eschaton 2012. Pat Roach closes out the show by looking into whether hydrogen peroxide is actually useful for healing wounds.

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Doctors and Guns

Canada Free Press

Centers for Disease Control



NY Times

Hydrogen Peroxide

CNN: Medical Myths Don’t Die Easily

NY Times: Hydrogen Peroxide and Small Wounds

HSW: Why Does Peroxide Bubble on a Wound?



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3 Responses to TRC #226: Do Doctors Kill More Than Guns + Udo Schuklenk + Hydrogen Peroxide

  1. Tim Fletcher says:

    Listen, The Salvation Army may be anti gay, but they certainly aren’t a horrible organization. My father’s family got their Christmas gifts from The Salvation Army when he was young, and I know people who they have helped. There may be organizations that The Ottawa Skeptics like more, me too, but that kind of talk is just demonstrably false. If you want to donate money to a charity, it ideally won’t do some of the things the salvation army does, but it is much much better than nothing, if you do value charity.

  2. Adam says:

    Tim, I’m glad the Salvation Army could do some good for you. No doubt all organizations do some good, as do most Churches, as would the Church of Scientology. Here’s are a few of the concerns which led me to make those comments:

    There are many charities which don’t get a lot and The Salvation Army gets quite a bit. I don’t feel terribly irresponsible and making the comments I did to our listeners.

  3. Adam says:

    After relistening to the episode I’ve noticed I was not the one making the comments about the Salvation Army. That was an earlier episode. The comments were made by someone we interviewed so TRC does not need to defend them, though I personally don’t disagree with them at all.

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