TRC #216- Ghosts + Halloween SFoSF + Cloud Computing and Bad Weather

It’s a Halloween themed episode of The Reality Check! After an epic intro parody, Darren starts the show off with a segment about ghosts. This is followed by an intense game of Science Fact or Science Fiction, Halloween edition, hosted by Pat. Elan rounds out the show with the myth of week, exploring whether or Cloud Computing is affection by bad weather.

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Show Notes


Skeptic’s Dictionary – Ghosts
Skeptic’s Dictionary – Paranormal Investigator
Ben Radford on Ghost Hunting
Skeptoid on Ghost Hunting

Cloud Computing and Weather:

Citrix Cloud Survey Guide

Techspot – Majority of Americans Believe bad Weather Affects Cloud Computing

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1 Response to TRC #216- Ghosts + Halloween SFoSF + Cloud Computing and Bad Weather

  1. PatG says:

    Hi guys – playing catch up. Thank you for your even and fair treatment of ghost believers. I have seen some pretty unusual things and have in the past sincerely believed those things were ghosts. I have since come to more rational explanations.

    As for kangaroos in Barrhaven, not as impossible as one might think. Watson’s Corners in Lanark County has long been the Kangaroo Capital of Canada. See
    for more info. (contrary to the article, I heard of roos in Watson’s Corners in the 70’s possibly late 60’s) Perhaps they migrated south east a bit. That there was at least one bootlegger in the area selling local shine and that the wild hemp grew a little taller and greener than usual around the hippy commune near our cottage probably have nothing to do with visions of kangaroos.

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