TRC #215- Schrodingers Cat + Secret Shoppers + Furbies Are Spies

Darren McKee takes a peek inside the box to check on Schrödinger’s cat, Elan Dubrofsky checks the price tag on secret shoppers, Adam Gardner goes undercover to talk about Furby spies and Pat Roach sings the praises of 100 parodies.

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Show Notes:

Schrödinger’s Cat
Einstein, Bohr and the Great Debate

Secret Shoppers
Snopes – Secret Shopper Scams
Federal Trade Commission – Secret Shoppers
Man cashes $95,000 fake cheque

Furby Spies
Furby toy or Furby spy? – BBC News
6 Things You Won’t Believe Got Banned By Modern Government

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1 Response to TRC #215- Schrodingers Cat + Secret Shoppers + Furbies Are Spies

  1. InvincibleIronyMan says:

    I was very glad to hear you describe the details of the Schrödinger’s cat thought so well and so thoroughly! I have seen and heard it described many times leaving out the crucial element of the radioactive source. The experiment depends on whether or not a single atom undergoes radioactive decay, but many people seem to have the mistaken impression that any randomising device would do, eg. The roll of a die or a coin-flip. I think that, along with the misinterpretation of “observer” to mean a conscious entity, is probably where many believers in quantum woo go horribly wrong, thinking that macro-scale systems can exhibit quantum effects.

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