TRC 217: Social Media and Isolation + Monsanto + Castoreum

In an episode released the same week as The Reality Check’s one millionth download, the gang does not disappoint with three thought provoking segments. Elan D. leads things off with a look into whether social media has lead to increased social isolation. Adam G. follows with an exploration into some claims made against the biotech megacorporation Monstanto. Pat R. closes out the show with the myth of the week; is there a food additive made of bizarre animal products in much of what we eat called Castoreum? Also, one of the hosts takes a turn doing vocals for the opening skeptical parody.

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Show Notes

Social Media and Social Isolation:

The Atlantic – Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?

AARP Study on Loneliness

Pew – Social Isolation and New Technology

USA Today – Social Media doesn’t mean Social Isolation

Rutgers – Social Network Sites Foster Close and Diverse Connections


Genetic use restriction technology – Wikipedia

GMO corn causes cancer-Myth vs. Science – Skeptical Raptor’s Blog

Hybrid seed – Wikipedia

Monsanto – Farmer Suicides in India – Is There a Connection with Bt Cotton?

Monsanto – Wikipedia


Petition to the FDA

Dairy Farmers of Washington – Just Plain Wrong

Jamie Oliver on Letterman

The Vegetarian Resource Group

FDA – Food Additives Status List

Merriam-Webster: Castoreum



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