TRC #214: Tattoo Removal + Eidetic Memory + All You Can Eat Buffet Strategies

Pat Roach injects us with some facts about tattoos and tattoo removals, Adam Gardner gives us a snapshot of what eidetic memory is and Elan Dubrofsky fills us up with some strategies for eating at buffets.


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Show Notes:

Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal Guide: Laser Physics
How effective are tattoo removal creams?
Lasers in Plastic Surgery: Laser Tattoo Removal
Tattoo removal cream: Does it work? –
How effective are tattoo removal creams?
Tattoo Removal FAQ
e-raze rejuvi non laser tattoo removal
Tattoo removal still a long, slow process
Laser Tattoo Removal – Learn About Cost, Risks & Results
Tattoo removal varies according to design: study
Better Lasers Make Tattoo Removal Easier
Tattoo removal – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tattoo removal information
Tattoo Removal – Tattoo Removal Options and Alternatives
Unwanted tattoos can be removed by cream injected into skin
The Kirby-Desai Scale
Tattoos: Understand risks and precautions –
America’s booming tattoo economy: By the numbers – The Week
Judy She-nanigans: My Salabrasion Experience
Picosecond laser shows significant promise

Eidetic Memory

No one has a photographic memory – Slate Magazine
Eidetic memory – Wikipedia
Exceptional memory – Wikipedia

All You Can Eat Buffet

Topculture – The 2010 All-Inclusive All-You-Can-Eat Buffet Guide

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