The Reality Check #191: Science Retractions + Expiry Dates + Oil Changes

Darren looks into the sticky issue of science paper retractions. Adam exposes the true nature behind the expiry and “best before” dates you see on food packaging. Elan dips into the myths and facts behind your car’s oil changes.

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Show Notes

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5 Responses to The Reality Check #191: Science Retractions + Expiry Dates + Oil Changes

  1. Bryan Elliott says:

    Foie gras is the pate of goose liver from a goose that has been force-fed corn. Its taste can be described as pork:chicken::brased pork belly:foie gras

    Generally, it’s pretty unethical and overhyped. I suppose I’m insufficiently french.

  2. Yau-Man Chan says:

    Great episode!
    Here’s my writeup about the Oil Change Conspiracy from a few years ago.

  3. Morden says:

    Interesting talk about the oil changing. Do you not have oil recycling companies in Canada? In Australia oil recycling seems to be widespread and is perfectly feasible as the oil does not expire it just gets dirty. It is simply a matter of removing the carbon, metal fragments, additives etc and you end up with pure oil again. This can be cracked to turn it into diesel or made into other products like chainsaw bar oil. Check out tis company for an example:

    Personally I would rather change my car’s oil more often as any suspended metal and carbon fragments in the oil can damage the engine so the cleaner the oil is the less chance of damage. We have many cars here converted to Liquid Petroleum Gas which burns much cleaner than Petrol. because of the cleaner burning the oil stays cleaner for longer and engines typically get many more kilometres increase in life.

  4. Morden says:

    Oh and another comment on oil changing the 3000mile interval you mention seems to be very different to Australia. The manufacture recommendation for oil changes for a new car here is typically 10,000km or greater. Also I think oil should be changed at least yearly regardless of mileage as you can still have condensation and water build up inside the block and contamination of the oil from this effect.

  5. David Oreol says:

    Hi Guys,

    I thought you might like to know that there is a site that’s like kickstarter but for scientific research:

    Keep up the good work,

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