The Reality Check #192: Geocentrism + Sky Mall Redux + Blackle

 Adam explores the world of modern geocentrism. Elan reads from a Sky Mall catalogue, again. Darren examines that claims behind



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Show Notes

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4 Responses to The Reality Check #192: Geocentrism + Sky Mall Redux + Blackle

  1. Paul Olivier says:

    I don’t know any fundementalist Christians that believe the Earth is the center of the universe.

    I am sure in that planet of 7 billion people, you can find a few nuts who will believe something that stupid, but your podcast cast all Christians, once again, in the “flat Earth society.”

    These are ridiculous claims by people who don’t even know how to pronounce “fallible” when reading it off a page.

  2. James Phillips says:

    Paul, then there are a lot of Christians that you obviously don’t know including those ones you call “fundamentalist Christians.”

    Hope you get past calling people names. Hope you actually get around to studying all the science that actually supports geocentrism and strongly refutes heliocentrism. In the meantime, name calling is always a lot easier.

  3. aDam says:

    Paul, I don’t know any humans period who believe the Earth is the centre of the Universe, and I know a butt ton of Christians, so I mean nothing of the sort. I’m sorry if you thought I was insinuating Christians believe the Earth is the centre of the universe, because that was never my point. Those that do believe that it is are likely some sort of religious believers. Those I became aware of in my research were primarily a very small subset of fundamentalist Christians.

    As for the “Flat Earth society”, that doesn’t really have any relevance to what was discussed, let alone it being something that we have insinuated more than once.

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