TRC #690: Early Mammals + Would You Rather Encounter a Man or a Bear in the Woods?

One of the first mammals faces off against a friendly bear in the woodsWhat were the first mammals like? Darren examines what characterizes a mammal and explores the world of early mammals, who coexisted with the dinosaurs. Adam investigates the discourse around a viral question which asks “Would you rather be stuck in a forest with a man or a bear?”, using some simple statistics to inform the issue.

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Early Mammals:

Mammal – Wikipedia

Megazostrodon – Wikipedia

The Evolution of the First Mammals (

Man or Bear?

Viral Tik Tok video asking people a loaded question and getting an obvious answer – Tik Tok

Guy who doesn’t understand statistics – Twitter

Person who doesn’t understand statistics – Twitter

Man or Bear? (The world is a stupid place full of stupid people) – hoe_math

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2 Responses to TRC #690: Early Mammals + Would You Rather Encounter a Man or a Bear in the Woods?

  1. Disappointed says:

    Dear lord.

    Yes, the women ARE answering the question. It was strictly a preference. And of course it’s based on their personal experience at the hands of men. But here you are, trying to answer an entirely different question: Are you safer in the woods with a random man or a random bear?

    So first let’s look at the giant hole your statistics of women’s experiences with men that have lead so many to prefer their chances with a bear. By the way, where is the female host in this? Jeezus. Anyhow, thank you for the acknowledgement that this question is ultimately about getting men to recognize that women live with constant supervision of their safety at the hands of men. Sadly, you’ve limited this to reported (or, let’s give you the benefit of doubt and say extrapolated) violence, listing these hundreds of men encountered daily in supermarkets and the like. During those daily encounters, there may not be violence as reported in your stats, but there’s pretty regular, if not daily aggression and harassment for many women. So make sure that you grab that stat to apply to the psychology of the question.

    As for the statistics of whether a women is safer to encounter a random bear or a random man in the woods, only the men who don’t want to have to consider how unsafe women feel around men on a regular basis seem to care about the answer. On top of which, you’re having this conversation without your female host. So what should be thought of that situation?

  2. Social Humanist says:

    It’s not about the Bear.
    Women are saying loud and clear that they do not feel safe around men. It has nothing to do with bears. Women experience physical and sexual violence every day from both strangers and those known to them. This makes them feel unsafe around men. It has nothing to do with bears. The comment that “women feel less safe than men realise” was lost due to your foray into bear attack stats. Stop talking about bears (and especially don’t make it worse by including shark attacks). This segment truly demonstrated the lack of understanding of the problem.
    It’s not about bears.
    It’s not about bears.
    It’s not about bears.

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