TRC #691: Why Can’t AI Do Laundry and Dishes?

A sad woman does dishes while a robot shows her his paintingCan we say that AI is going in the wrong direction, as it does our art and writing while we suffer doing laundry and dishes? It’s just Adam on the show this week as he overanalyzes a viral tweet by looking at how much the time and way we do chores has changed for the better over the centuries, while looking at what AI could do to improve the situation.

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AI doing art and writing while I do laundry and dishes

Tweet by @AuthorJMac

The history of laundry: from ancient times to modern-day innovations – Fresh Robe

Foldimate laundry folding robot – YouTube

Books by Joanna Maciejewska – Goodreads

Housework Now Takes Much Less Time: 85 Years of US Rural Women’s Time Use – Social Forces – Oxford Academic

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