TRC #685: AI More Creative Than Humans? + Safe Solar Eclipse Viewing

A creative robot painting a dinglehopper during a solar eclipseArtificial Intelligence or Artificial Creativity? Can an AI be more creative than a human? Darren looks at a study which attempts to answer this question. With the upcoming solar eclipse occurring in North America on April 8th, Adam examines the risk of staring at the sun and gives some tips on how to view an eclipse safely.

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AI Creativity

The current state of artificial intelligence generative language models is more creative than humans on divergent thinking tasks | Scientific Reports (

Is AI More Creative Than Humans? | Psychology Today

Solar Eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse on April 8, 2024: Path Map and Times –

Has Anyone Ever Gone Blind from Staring at a Solar Eclipse? – Live Science

How to View a Solar Eclipse Without Damaging Your Eyes –

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1 Response to TRC #685: AI More Creative Than Humans? + Safe Solar Eclipse Viewing

  1. William T. Bridgman says:

    AI (Large Language Models AKA ‘Stochastic Parrots’) are basically large correlation tables built from the training dataset with some additional weightings and randomizations. If a query comes in that strongly correlates with an existing entry in the training set, odds are high the AI will return that as an answer.

    One thing that was not clear in the AI story is how do we know its answers were not mined from an existing discussion of the topic that was part of the original training set? If it’s just parroting back an existing discussion – it is not so creative! :^)

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