TRC #684: Aliens in Mexican Congress? + Book Review: Outlive by Peter Attia

I'm not saying it's an alien but it's an alien
I’m not saying they’re aliens but … they’re aliens. Adam uses hard hitting science to evaluate the validity of these allegedly non human mummified remains which were presented to the Mexican Congress in the fall. A shocking discovery which puts into question everything we know about our world or a hoax? Darren gives us a review of Peter Attia’s book Outlive, an exploration of the science behind living a longer and better life.

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Aliens in Mexican Congress

Exclusive: A close encounter with the ‘alien bodies’ in Mexico – Reuters

Radiocarbon dating – Wikipedia

The Alien bodies are hoaxes: An in-depth breakdown – Reddit r/aliens

Aliens Cutaway | Nazca Humanoid Mummies: The Big Fraud. Episode-2 | Fake science spotlight – Scientists Against Myths on YouTube

Did Researchers Find a Mummified, Three-Fingered Alien in Nazca, Peru? – Snopes

DNA analysis for one of the mummified bodies Mexico showed. – Reddit r/aliens

Mummified alien corpses presented in Mexican parliament are not alien at all – ABC

Alien Project

Outlive: The Science & Art of Longevity by Peter Attia

Official Site

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