TRC #650: Dishwasher Vs Hand Washing + Dog Breed & Behavior + ‘The Road To Unfreedom’

In an effort to settle a hot household debate, Cristina looks into whether it’s more eco and pocket friendly to hand wash dishes versus using your dishwasher. Adam checks out a new study that suggests dog personalities have little to do with their breed. Lastly, Darren gives us an overview of the bestselling book, “The Road to Unfreedom” by Timothy Snyder, which chronicles the rise of authoritarianism.

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Dishwasher or Hand Wash? 

Dishwashers or hand-washing? Science settles the score

Dishwash vs hand wash: which method is better for the environment? | Grist

Dishwasher vs hand washing – which is more eco and pocket-friendly? | Real Homes

A guide to household manual and machine dishwashing through a life cycle perspective – IOPscience

An expert says not to rinse dishes before putting them in the dishwasher — and people are feeling personally attacked

This Is the Best Time of Day to Run Your Dishwasher | Real Simple

Dog Breed and Behaviour

Ancestry-inclusive dog genomics challenges popular breed stereotypes – Science

Genes play a role in dog breed differences in behavior – Penn Today

Highly heritable and functionally relevant breed differences in dog behaviour – The Royal Society

The Road To Unfreedom

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1 Response to TRC #650: Dishwasher Vs Hand Washing + Dog Breed & Behavior + ‘The Road To Unfreedom’

  1. Laurie says:

    What I find fascinating is how people in different countries do things. Here in Oz the idea of washing dishes under a running tap is just effing insane. Two sinks is the norm here. I guess that’s the reason I have never understood this debate.

    Another difference I noted the first time I went to the US was the depth of water in the toilet bowl. In Oz we have a bit more than is needed to seal the S-bend. In my LA hotel it was about six inches below the lip!

    At the extreme end, in Oz there is a divide between people who grew up on the eastern seaboard and west of the Blue Mountains / Great Dividing Range. You can spot someone from the west ’cause they will turn off the tap while washing their hands and turn it back on to rinse. The effect of living in a desert, I guess. I wonder if people from the South West of the US do similar…

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