TRC #649: Is Russia Committing Genocide In Ukraine? + No Ugly Old Buildings?

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24 and since that time have committed all manner of atrocities. But is it genocide?  Darren tackles this difficult topic.  Next, Adam looks into the idea that there are no ugly old buildings and survivorship bias.

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Is Russia Committing Genocide in Ukraine?

Genocide – Wikipedia 

War crimes in the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine – Wikipedia

‘Absolutely right’ to call Russia’s actions in Ukraine genocide, Trudeau says | CBC News

Is Russia committing genocide in Ukraine? Proving that would be extremely difficult | CBC News

EXPLAINER: Why does it matter if US calls Ukraine genocide | CityNews Toronto

Opinion | What’s happening in Ukraine is genocide. Period. – The Washington Post

No Ugly Old Buildings?

Against the survival of the prettiest – Works in Progress

Percentage of new buildings that are aesthetically pleasing –

Survivorship bias – Wikipedia

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