TRC #645: The Panther of Kharkiv

Short show for you this week. The internet was recently abuzz about a cat named Mikael.  Supposedly, Ukrainian army cats were trained to spot and direct the location of Russian sniper lasers. The story discussed was of Mikael, “The Panther of Kharkiv”, who followed laser spots to identify four snipers, leading to their deaths.  This is indeed Adam’s wheelhouse and he digs in to find the truth.

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Are ‘Ukrainian Army Cats’ Trained To Spot Sniper Lasers? – Snopes

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  1. Cliff Elias says:

    What a biased report of the “facts”. Perhaps a critical look at what people believe would be more accurate. It is interesting how reality is not actual fact , but a perception of facts. Where has the thinking outside of social media gone? If the general population agree to think a certain way it does not mean they are right, only that they think the same. Masses of people in the past have been wrong before.

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