TRC #646: Donating During Disasters + Domestication Syndrome + ‘Intellectuals and Society’ By Thomas Sowell

Cristina looks at the dark side of charitable donation and shares valuable advice and insight from Humanitarian Logistics expert Dale Herzog. Adam dives into new research around domesticated silver foxes and revisits Animal Domestication Syndrome. Darren reviews Thomas Sowell’s ‘Intellectuals and Society’ – a discussion on the relevance of intellectuals – and he has some feelings about it.

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Donating During Disasters 

Ever sent clothes, supplies or toys in response to a disaster? Here’s what probably happened to it

The dark side of charitable donation | Dale Herzog

Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting – Wikipedia

Unsolicited in-kind donations & other inappropriate humanitarian goods

Best Donor Management Software in 2022: Compare Reviews on 150+ | G2

Domestication Syndrome

The History of Farm Foxes Undermines the Animal Domestication Syndrome – Science Direct

New Breed of Fox as Tame as a Pussycat – The New York Times

Domestication syndrome – Wikipedia

Intellectuals and Society By Thomas Sowell

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