TRC #599: Trust Online Reviews? + USPS Conspiracy? + Checkout Donations

Cristina looks into online shopping and asks how useful are online reviews really? Adam takes an objective look at the recent alarming USPS news, and whether there is evidence that Donald Trump is sabotaging the US Postal Service to steal the election. Finally, Darren gives us some food for thought when looking behind those donations we get asked for at the checkout register.

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Trust Online Reviews?

TED ideas: Use Online Reviews to Decide What to Buy? Here’s Why Not to Put All Your Trust in Them

Forbes: This Is Why You Should Not Trust Online Reviews

CBC: Online shopping has doubled during the pandemic, Statistics Canada says

CBC: Retail sales bounced back 18% in May but are still 20% below where they were before COVID-19

Bart de Lanche

JCR: Navigating by the Stars: Investigating the Actual and Perceived Validity of Online User Ratings

Science Daily: Consumers’ trust in online user ratings misplaced, says study


Amazon: Knock-off Fitness Tracker

The Cut: Sunday Riley Fake Review Scandal FTC Ruling

USPS Conspiracy?

The USPS explains why mailboxes were rounded up in Brighton – MSN

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy Statement – USPS

Has President Trump Ever Voted by Mail? – Snopes

Is USPS Purposefully Slowing Mail To Help Reelect Trump? – Snopes

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy Statement – USPS

Which Party Would Benefit Most From Voting by Mail? It’s Complicated – The New York Times

What Really Scares Voting Experts About the Postal Service – The Atlantic

Checkout Donations

Huffington Post

How Stuff Works 



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1 Response to TRC #599: Trust Online Reviews? + USPS Conspiracy? + Checkout Donations

  1. Tom Bridgman says:

    The real question I’ve always had about checkout donations is how do you know the money is actually reaching the charity and not being pocketed by the company?

    In our area, you could save your grocery receipts and hand them to a school you wanted to support and the grocery would donate money based on the total receipts. At least in that system, there was an audit trail and all parties could see what was claimed and compare to what was contributed.

    They’ve since switched to a totally electronic system. How do you know how much you contribute actually makes it to the school?

    Spent some years working in business computing and learned the unsuccessful crooks just steal, the more successful crooks try to undermine the audit trail before they steal.

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