TRC #598: Does Anonymous Hiring Work? + What Happens To Plastic Bottles?

Darren looks into anonymous hiring and whether it helps reduce discrimination after a recent article argued that auditions for violinists should no longer be anonymized. Cristina takes a deep dive into what happens to plastic drink bottles that you toss in your recycling bin.

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Does Anonymous Hiring Work?

Canadian Anonymized Recruitment Pilot Project                                

Gender Action Portal Harvard 


Oreopoulos paper 

Australian Public Service Study 



Research Gate paper 

Symbasync blog 

NY Times 

What Happens To Plastic Bottles?

CBC: What Really Happens To Plastic Bottles

CBC: We Asked 3 Companies To Recycle Canadian Plastic And Secretly Tracked It. 

Oceana: Canada’s plastic problem: Sorting fact from fiction

Oceana: Our Mission

IISD: Covid-19 Has Canada Using More Plastic

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