TRC #570: Lead In Canada’s Water + Flu Shot + Windshield Egg-Throwing Thugs?

Adam takes a deep dive into a recently published, Canada-wide investigation highlighting dangerous levels of lead in drinking water in the Great White North. ‘Tis the season to get the flu shot. Darren breaks down what a flu vaccine is made of and why. Finally, Cristina takes on a widely-shared social media post warning people about criminals throwing eggs at car windshields.

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Lead in Canada’s water

Concordia’s Institute for Investigative Journalism facilitates the largest collaborative investigation in Canadian history – Concordia University Department of Journalism

Le Québec sous-évalue le plomb dans l’eau – Le devoir

Investigation reveals dangerous lead levels in some Quebec drinking water – Global News

Is there lead in your tap water? Canada-wide investigation exposes dangerous levels of toxic metal – The Star

How lead levels in 5 Canadian cities compared to those in Flint, Michigan – The Star

Science-based medicine versus the Flint water crisis – David Gorski

Health Canada Sets New Guideline for Lead in Drinking Water – Health Canada

Is Canada’s tap water safe? Thousands of test results show high lead levels across the country

Flu Shot

CDC Recommendation

CDC Benefits of Flu Vaccine 

CDC Thimerosl

Medical News Today 

Windshield Egg-Throwing Thugs? 

Global News: Bizarre Egg Incident 

Snopes: Fact Check – Robbers Throwing Eggs at Cars

YouTube: Nexus Auto – The Windshield Egg-speriment

Snopes: Fact Check – Flashing Headlights Gang Initiation

FB: Official Msg From Police

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