TRC #569: Did Eagles Rack Up Roaming Charges? + Kids These Days + Peter Singer’s Practical Ethics

This week, we kick off the show with Adam addressing listener email about his Hilary Clinton vs NASA segment. Cristina looks into a curious headline about migrating Russian eagles running up huge data roaming charges. Adam asks, are kids these days really worse than kids of days gone by? Finally, Darren revisits an oldie but a goodie, Peter Singer’s Practical Ethics.

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Did Eagles Rack Up Roaming Charges?

BBC News

The Verge

CTV News




NY Times

Wiki: Steppe Eagle

RRRCN Migration

IUCN List – Species

Kids These Days

Kids these days: Why the youth of today seem lacking – Science Advances

People have always whinged about young adults. Here’s proof – BBC

The Coddling of the American Mind

Peter Singer’s Practical Ethics

Wiki: Practical Ethics – Practical Ethics – Peter Singer – Practical Ethics – Pete Singer

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2 Responses to TRC #569: Did Eagles Rack Up Roaming Charges? + Kids These Days + Peter Singer’s Practical Ethics

  1. Dean Meservy (rhymes with "scurvy") says:

    Great podcast, as always. Kudos to Christina for looking up the pronunciation of “Novosibirsk.” Would Adam had done us the same courtesy with Poitiers and Agincourt. (Adam! French! You’re CANADIAN!)

    But as much fun as it is to rib Adam, back to Novosibirsk. You may (or may not) be interested in its etymology. The “Novo” part, exactly like Portuguese and almost like French, means “new,” and “Sibirsk” means “Siberian” (Sibir = Siberia; -sk = adjective suffix), so the whole thing means something like “New Siberian City.”

    “New” is, of course, a relative term: Novosibirsk was founded in the 1890s. It’s Russia’s third largest city after Moscow and St. Petersburg, with about the same population as Montreal.

    Great show as always.

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