TRC #566: Are Federal Election Votes Counted Equally? + Name That: Spot The Fake + Active Shooter Drills Effective?

This week, Darren kicks off the show by exploring whether votes cast in a Canadian federal election are counted equally. Pat brings another entertaining round of ‘Spot The Fake’ where the panel has to pick the fake out of of four equally ridiculous, yet true facts. Lastly, Adam sets a serious tone when exploring whether active shooter drills in U.S. schools are remotely effective or just tragically misguided.

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Are Federal Election Votes Counted Equally?

CBC Equal Votes Among Provinces? 

Wikipedia House of Commons 

Name That: Spot The Fake

Wiki: Duffel Bag

Atlas Obscura

Barbie Media



Smithsonian Mag


National Geographic

Business Insider




NY Times

CNN Tech

Guiness World Records

Active Shooter Drills Effective?

Why Are We Afraid of Being a Victim of a Mass Shooting? – Healthline

Active-Shooter Drills Are Tragically Misguided – The Atlantic

What Are Active-Shooter Drills Doing to Kids? – The Atlantic

Shotgun blanks to be shot inside school today as part of drill – Dayton Daily News

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