TRC #565: Plant-based Burgers Healthier? + Bruce Lee Death Conspiracies + OK Sign A Hate Symbol?

This week, Cristina fact checks whether claims about plant-based burgers being healthier than real meat hold up. Darren probes the conspiracy theories around Bruce Lee’s death after reading ‘Bruce Lee: A Life’. Finally, Adam looks into recent reports that the OK hand gesture is being used as a white nationalist hate symbol.

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Plant-based Burgers Healthier?

CTV: Are Meatless Burgers Actually Healthier

GIzmodo: Impossible Burgers Aren’t Healthy and That’s the Whole Point

Atlantic: Vegan Food Goes Mainstream

Macleans: What the Skyrocketing Popularity of Beyond Meat Means for Our Planet

Forbes: A New Frontier For Lab Grown Meat

HUB: Two-thirds of U.S. consumers say they are eating less meat

Beyond Meat Website

Wiki: Mung bean

Nielsen: The F-word Flexitarian 

NYTimes: Red Meat Questions Answered

How Did Bruce Lee Die?

Biography – Bruce Lee: A Life at Amazon 

Wiki: Bruce Lee

Life Daily

Wing Chun News 

OK Sign A Hate Symbol?

OK Symbol 👌 – Know Your Meme

OK gesture – Wikipedia

Hate on Display™ Hate Symbols Database – ADL

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