TRC #552: Surprising Loch Ness Proof? + Drake Curse + Where Does Space Begin?

Adam dives deep into recent headlines suggesting that the Loch Ness monster could possibly be real based on some murky DNA research. Cristina throws her hands in the air and tries to set the record straight on the alleged Drake, aka Drizzy, curse rocking the sports world.  Lastly, Ed Robertson, of the band Barenaked Ladies, asks Dr. Stuart Robbins “where does the Earth’s atmosphere end and space begin?

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Surprising Loch Ness Proof?

Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event – Wikipedia

Ancient DNA – Wikipedia

Loch Ness Monster ‘might’ be real, according to new scientific study – Fox News

Scientists Have Analyzed DNA From Loch Ness, And They Made A “Surprising” Discovery

Loch Ness monster study makes ‘surprising’ find – The Scotsman

Super Natural History – Loch Ness Edition

Drake Curse

The Conversation


Rational Wiki

The Guardian

NME: Drake Curse



NME: Taking Photos With Drake


Psychology Today

5 Minutes With An Astronomer


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