TRC #551: Talking Brain Tumours With Dr. Stuart Farrimond

Stuart has been on the show many times discussing food science and food myths but this interview is different. Some Checkers may not know that the Doctor before his name is because he is a medical doctor.  Two days before Stuart was scheduled to undergo surgery, he talked with Pat and Cristina about brain tumours, cancer, cancer treatment and his story.

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3 Responses to TRC #551: Talking Brain Tumours With Dr. Stuart Farrimond

  1. Jilyan says:

    Appreciated this interview and Stuart’s candour so much. I lost my Dad to brain cancer just a few months ago and hearing Stuart speak about his experiences was oddly comforting. We had many more years with Dad thanks to surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Wishing Stuart all the best for his recovery and his ongoing treatment.

  2. Rich W. says:

    Glad to hear Dr. Farrimond is doing okay after the surgery. My father died from a so-called “benign” glioma in the early ’90s (doctors were not the best communicators back then), though he had ignored symptoms of cognitive impairment for over a year before working up the nerve to mention it to his doctor.

    Glad that Stuart found it early and hopefully it helps. Regardless, best wishes for a speedy recovery. Thanks for being so open and sharing such a difficult personal thing, Dr. F.!

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