TRC #546: Aura Readings + Stand-up Comedy NDAs + Who’s Tracking Your Browsing History?

This week, Cristina is fired up about an article she saw in a recent fitness magazine glorifying aura readings and aura photography. Darren asks, “What’s the deal with stand-up comedy NDAs?” after a comedy club posts a notice ahead of Louis CK’s set. Finally, Adam scrutinizes how well websites track your browsing history.

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Aura Readings

GOOP: Aura Photography

Science Daily: Synesthesia May Explain Claims Of Seeing Auras

Quack Watch: Kirlian Photography

Wired: Aura Portraits

Hong Kong Observatory: Radiation Emitted By Human Body

Wikipedia: Aura Photography

James Randi debunks an aura reader (Video)  

Psychology Today: Billy Joel and Synesthesia

Stand Up Comedy NDAs




Wikipedia Genetic Fallacy


NY Times Accusations

NY Times Louis CK Statement

Who’s Tracking Your Browsing History?

Facebook Listens? – Snopes

Facebook’s Not Listening Through Your Phone. It Doesn’t Have To – Wired

HTTP cookie – Wikipedia

Everything You Need to Know about Tracking Cookies (Computer cookies) – SaferVPN Blog

Are you ready? Here is all the data Facebook and Google have on you – The Guardian

How cookies track you around the web and how to stop them –

Google and Facebook still dominate tracking on the web – The Verge

Private internet browsing not as secure as most think, researchers find – uchicago news

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