TRC #544: Notre Dame & Ubisoft + Planetary Pictures with Stuart Robbins + Nature Doc Suffering

Adam is off this week but ‘5th Beatle’ Dr. Stuart Robbins joins the rest of the crew LIVE at TRC studios! First, Pat looks into headlines that a video game called Assassin’s Creed Unity could be used to help rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral. Stuart schools us on a topic that has been consuming his life for the last 18 months: planetary cartography. Lastly, Darren discusses controversial scenes depicting animal suffering in the new nature documentary ‘Our Planet’.

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Notre Dame & Ubisoft

Wikipedia: Notre Dame de Paris Fire

Screen Rant


Business Insider

CNBC: Weeks to Months To Assess Damage To Notre Dame

The Guardian: Macron Promises to Make Notre Dame More Beautiful

Fortune: Notre Dame Rebuild

Global News: Notre Dame Money Raised

Ubisoft Donates 500,00 To Notre Dame

Polygon: How To Pronounce Ubisoft

CNN: Notre Dame Fire

Global News: Ubisoft and Assassin’s Creed

ArtNews: Rebuilding Notre Dame

Globe And Mail: Can A Video Game Really Help to Rebuild Notre Dame?

Putting Planetary Pictures in their Proper Place

Stuart Robbins

Stuart Robbins On Twitter

Nature Doc Suffering

The Current

Netflix tweet

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