TRC #533: Wipers: Up Or Down? + ‘Bell Let’s Talk Day’ + Who is Cecilia Payne?

Pat exhausts several resources to help answer the burning question on our minds this Winter. Should you leave windshield wipers up, or down? Adam unpacks the ‘Bell Let’s Talk Day’ campaign which takes a chain-letter approach to raise awareness around mental health. Lastly, Cristina dips into TRC’s mailbag and takes on a listener’s request to highlight astrophysicist Cecilia Payne.

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Wipers Up Or Down?

The Weather Network

Windshield Centers

Your Mechanic

The Safe Driver

Taylor Auto Glass

We Heart Honda

Car One


AAA North East

WWJ News Radio

WNYC Great Wiper Debate

CAA Quebec

Farmers Almanac Poll

Bell Let’s Talk Day

Bell Let’s Talk Day: a good deed, or just good PR? – Montreal Gazette

A look at Bellís Letís Talk program – Marketing

Why today is about Bell Canada, and not mental health – Darren (Not McKee) Barefoot

Who Owns the Future? by Jaron Lanier

For every forwarded copy of an e-mail received, the American Cancer Society will donate three cents to cancer research. – Snopes

Marketting Benchmarks for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Adwords – Get Fluid

Who is Cecilia Payne?

SciShow: Cecilia Payne

World of Science Festival: Payne

Wiki: Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin

Wiki: Arthur Eddington

Wiki: Otto Struve

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