TRC #532: Super Bowl Myths + Canada’s Food Guide + Are Noise Meters Fake?

Cristina kicks off the show by separating the facts from the fumbles around Super Bowl myths. Darren digs into Canada’s latest Food Guide and asks whether its current revamp is line with the best evidence and data available. Finally, Adam ponders whether noise meters at sports events are all fake.

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Super Bowl Myths

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Patspicks: Super Bowl Water Use

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Canada’s Food Guide

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Montreal Gazette

Ottawa Citizen

Globe and Mail

Are Noise Meters Fake?

Noise Meter – Scoreboards, Video Cubes, LED Video Displays, Biometric Face Recognition, Sports & Statistics

NOISE METER – gamechangemvp

Noise Meter – Crowd Visuals

Boom Box: N.C. State brings back Noise Meter –

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1 Response to TRC #532: Super Bowl Myths + Canada’s Food Guide + Are Noise Meters Fake?

  1. John Matthew IV says:

    Hi Gang!

    I just got back from a Winnipeg Jets game.

    They didn’t have a noise meter, they displayed the noise level in decibels to one digit!

    It got over 105 db.

    Isn’t that almost literally deafening?

    I have attended countless sporting events and the crowd was loud but I have heard many much louder.

    I highly doubt it was an accurate measure.

    As a sports fan, I have long such such “noise meters” were stupid because they only are shown when NOTHING IS HAPPENING!

    If you were not a sports fan you would think the idea was that you make lots of noise between the action and then you sit down and be as quiet as if you were in a library when the play is going on.

    It was a close game that went into overtime but the crowd was very quiet at the end of the game.

    Except during timeouts and the scoreboard showed the decibel level.

    If I were in charge, I would have scoreboard silence between the action and let fans make lots of noise when the play is going on.

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