TRC #518: Abortion Law In Canada + I Before E, Except After C? + Does Twitter Shadowban Users?

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, Checkers! We bring you another fun and fact-filled show to digest alongside that slice of pumpkin pie. First, Darren looks at the history of abortion laws in Canada after a listener points out that our collective perception on a previous show was false. Cristina ponders how useless the long-standing spelling rule, “I Before E, Except After C” actually is. Finally, Adam investigates whether Twitter is shadowbanning some users, as they have recently been publicly accused of doing.

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Abortion Law In Canada

Globe and Mail  


Huffington Post

Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada

I Before E, Except After C?

Washington Post: I Before E, Except after C is a Giant Lie

YouTube: QI Series 8 Ep 14 Hocus Pocus Preview – BBC One

Merriam-Webster: I Before E Except After C

Does Twitter Shadowban Users

What Is a ‘Shadow Ban,’ and Is Twitter Doing It to Republican Accounts? – New York Times

Twitter Is Not ‘Shadow Banning’ Republicans – NY Mag

Setting the record straight on shadow banning – Twitter dot com

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2 Responses to TRC #518: Abortion Law In Canada + I Before E, Except After C? + Does Twitter Shadowban Users?

  1. Mike says:

    Hi folks.

    My understanding of the “I before E” rule was that it pertained to words that sounded like “ee,” as in “receive” and “believe,” not *all* words that contain and “I” and an “E.” So the rule would not be appropriate for words like “albeit” and “forfeit.”

    Maybe my understanding was wrong, but I wonder if that would skew the statistics you found?

    Love the show!

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