TRC #517: Science of Cooking With Dr. Stuart Farrimond + Name That: Spot The Fake + Flu Shot Timing

This week, the RC crew are stoked to have Dr. Stuart Farrimond on the show. A former medical doctor turned science and medical writer, educator, and author, Stuart uses one of our favourite comfort foods, ‘Mac and Cheese’, as a vehicle to debunk cooking myths. Pat trolls us with another game of ‘Name That: Spot The Fake’ edition resulting in some entertaining banter. Finally, Darren looks into flu shot timing, and asks whether you can get a flu shot too early?

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Science of Cooking With Dr. Stuart Farrimond

Godecookery (14th Century)

The origin of Mac and Cheese Serious Eats: 3 ingredient mac and cheese

Science of Spice (UK – released 4th October)  USA/North America  (U.S.released 23rd October)

Science of Cooking (UK) /

Science of Cooking (USA/North America)

Name That: Spot The Fake

Smithsonian: Tootsie Rolls and WWII

HuffPo: Mr. Rogers Feeding His Fish

Bustle: Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library Donates 100 Million Books

War History Online: Queen Elizabeth II Auto Mechanic

Jalopnik: Volvo Gave Away Their Most Important Invention

Wikipedia: Bela Lugosi

Oxford Dictionaries: Baby Animal Names

WNYC: Maya Angelou First Woman Black Streetcar Driver

The Facts Speak: Sumo Wrestlers Making Babies Cry

Wikipedia: Vampire

Boston Magazine: Coin Toss Named Portland

Wikipedia: Waffle House Index

Universe Today: Soviet Cosmonauts Carried A Shotgun Into Space

CBC: NWT Looking For New Name, Bob Need Not Apply

CNN: Polaroid Issues Warning

Flu Shot Timing



Harvard Health

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