TRC #507: Review: Stumbling On Happiness + 5MWaA: Lagrangian Points + Ingesting Collagen Has Skin Benefits?

Darren gives us his review of Daniel Gilbert’s book ‘Stumbling On Happiness’.  Next, we offer up another episode of a new crossover podcast with Stuart Robbins called “5 minutes with an astronomer.” In this episode Stuart tackles Lagrangian points.  Last, Cristina looks into the evidence for claims that ingesting collagen has benefits for your skin.

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Review: Stumbling On Happiness


NY Times

Andrew Gelman

5 Minutes With An Astronomer


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Does Ingesting Collagen Have Any Skin Benefits?

Women’s Health: Collagen Powder

Good Housekeeping: Collagen Supplement Explainer

Wikipedia: Collagen

Women’s Health: Collagen Supplements

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