TRC #483: Mailbag + Raw Water + Do Bears Hibernate?

The Fab Four is back this week! Adam kicks off the show with some interesting listener email. Cristina dives into the latest raw water fad to bring you the raw facts. Finally, Darren ponders whether bears really hibernate.

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Raw Water

NY Times: Unfiltered Fervor: The Rush to Get Off the Water Grid

Huff Po: ew Health Fad ‘Raw Water’ Is Actually Pretty Dangerous, Experts Warn

Time: Is Raw Water Safe

Live Water

Gizmodo: Raw Water Is Water For Rich Idiots

NBC News: Timothy Caulfield – Raw water is a dangerous ‘natural food’ fad that promises health but gives diarrhea

CNN: Flint Water crisis fast facts

World Health Organization Fact Sheet

Do Bears Hibernate?





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2 Responses to TRC #483: Mailbag + Raw Water + Do Bears Hibernate?

  1. Gold says:

    Hey all,

    I fully support your approach on advertising in the show. Having said that, an advertising free version would be really good. I currently have a $67/month podcast bill through Patreon and a few independents.

    The reason I think it’d be good for an ad free version is to allow people to donate so they can avoid listening to them. I can’t speak for anyone else, but here in New Zealand the vast bulk of the ads just aren’t relevant here.

    Have you done a survey of your listeners recently? Do you know the rough demographics?

    It may be interesting to see that. Even if it means getting advertisers that are likely to appeal to more of the listeners.

    I’m a big supporter of paying for the media that I consume. Having had your donate button pointed out, that is now $71/month…

    Keep up the good work.

    Wellington, New Zealand.

    • Pat says:

      Thanks for the feedback and the support, Gold. An ad free version of the show is a decent idea for people who support the show though it could very well be a bunch more work. I’ll have to look into whether we have the option to do it dynamically. Also, I know that there is some discussion of moving to some ads that are based on geolocation so, at least, they could be a little more relevant.


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