TRC #482: Coffee Enemas + The Physics Of Curling + Did The CDC Ban 7 Words?

With Darren away this week, the crew is joined by our favourite “physics commando” Barry Panas. First, Cristina looks into the latest ‘wellness’ gadget that Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP is peddling. Spoiler alert: it involves an orifice. Next, Barry takes on a question from Producer Pat about how much sweeping really affects the game of curling. Finally, Adam looks into whether the Trump administration really did ban the CDC from using 7 words.

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Coffee Enemas

Ars Technica: Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop wants you to start 2018 with a coffee enema.

Jen Gunter’s Blog Post

Defense of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop offers case study on how to sell snake oil

Implant O’Rama

Goop: Nuts and bolts of colonics

Wikipedia: Coffee enema

Goop doctor says she’s not really Goop’s doctor, calls site a “caricature”

Implant O’Rama

Implant O’Rama Terms and Conditions

Wikipedia: Mucoid Plaque

The Physics Of Curling

Barry’s YouTube Channel

Video: Smarter Everyday

Video: Science Friction

Did The CDC Ban 7 Words

No, HHS Did Not ‘Ban Words’

CDC gets list of forbidden words: Fetus, transgender, diversity

Word ban at CDC includes ‘vulnerable,’ ‘fetus,’ ‘transgender’

Trump Administration Bans CDC Officials From Using Certain Words?

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