TRC #471: McGurk Effect + Britt Wray & Rise Of The Necrofauna 2 + Sharks Vs Vending Machines

On this week’s show, Pat explains an illusion known as the McGurk Effect which demonstrates the interaction between hearing and vision in speech perception.  We bring you part two of Darren and Adam’s discussion with author Britt Wray about her book ‘Rise Of The Necrofauna.’  Cristina checks into the clickbait headline ‘you’re more likely to be killed by a vending machine than a shark.’

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McGurk Effect

BBC Demonstration Of The McGurk Effect

Youtube Demonstration Of The McGurk Effect

Slate: McGurk Effect

Wikipedia: McGurk Effect

Nature: Skilled Musicians Not Subject To McGurk Effect

Science Explains Why You Hear Da When This Guy Says Ba

A Causal Inference Model Explains Perception of the McGurk Effect and Other Incongruent Audiovisual Speech

Britt Wray and Rise Of The Necrofauna

Britt’s Website

Sharks Vs Vending Machines

Today I Found Out : Vending Machines Kill More Americans Than Sharks

Freakonomics: How Are Sharks Less Dangerous Than Vending Machines

Heal The Bay: Vending Machines More Dangerous Than Sharks

Wikipedia: Blue Planet II

YouTube: Blue Planet II Trailer

Consumer Product Safety Commision: Soda Vending Machine Industry Labeling Campaign Warns Of Deaths And Injuries

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