TRC #472: Blue Moonlight In Movies? + Halloween Myths + Fake Melania Trump?

On this week’s show, Darren wonders: why do filmmakers colour grade moonlight to be blue? Next, Cristina explores Halloween folklore vs Halloween facts.  Lastly, Adam asks: is there a Melania Trump double or doppelganger out there pretending to be her at press events?

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Blue Moonlight In Movies?

Premium Beat

Jim On Light

Perpetual Enigma Blog

Halloween Myths

USA Today: No Razors In Your Kids Candy

Halloween Sadism: The Evidence

Wikipedia: Poisoned Candy Myths

Snopes: Poison Halloween Candy

ASPCA: Mything The Point

Snopes: Black Cats

AtlasObscura: Turnip Jack ‘O Laterns

Wikipedia: Jack ‘O Lantern

Wikipedia: Scooby Doo Show

Fake Melania Trump?

Melania Trump Decoy Double on October 13? Claims of a Fake Melania Decoy Surge 250 Percent on Google – Inquisitr

Bizarre ‘Fake Melania’ Conspiracy Theory Lights Up Social Media – Fox News Insider

Photo of Melania Trump from October 13th without glasses

No, Melania Trump does not have a body double – CNNPolitics

Facebook post by Andrea Wagner Barton

Tweet by @JoeVargas

We’ve ID’d the mystery woman in those Melania-Trump-impostor rumors. (It’s Melania Trump.) – Washington Post

Free Fake Melania – Slate

If Nothing Else, Fake Melania Trump Is Good for Memes – NY Mag

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5 Responses to TRC #472: Blue Moonlight In Movies? + Halloween Myths + Fake Melania Trump?

  1. Bob says:

    I understand the ads / sponsorship. I do. You all put in a lot of work, and I’m sure there are costs incurred. So I’m not exactly complaining. But I can’t help but wonder that you’ve all somehow been co-opted by Big Fresh.

  2. Dean Meservy says:

    Great podcast, as always. But did Producer Pat really pronounce Ljubljana “ul-joob-la-john-a”? The combination lj in Slovene – or any Slavic or non-English Germanic language for that matter – is a so-called “soft” L, like the lli part of “million.” Lyoob-lya-na, please, and those are Ys as in “yes,” not Ys as in “why.” I never miss your podcast. Keep it up!

    • Pat says:

      Thanks for the correction Dean but did you just really blame me for the way Adam pronounced Ljubljana? ;)! Thanks for listening!

      • Dean Meservy says:

        A thousand apologies, Producer Pat! Of course I meant Adam. I knew oerfectly well that your Slovene was impeccable. Thanks again – great program.

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