TRC #445: Social Priming + Feral Girl Living With Monkeys? + Origin Of The Dollar Sign

While Cristina is away, the rest of the crew still brings it! Darren once again tackles possible issues in the field of psychology by looking into social priming. Pat digs into a recent news story making the rounds regarding an alleged feral girl found living with monkeys in India. Finally, Adam delves into the interesting origin of the dollar sign.

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Social Priming


 Andrew Gelman 

Psychology Today

Replicability Index – Train wreck

Feral Girl Living With Monkeys?

New Indian Express

ANI News


Benjamin Radford’s CFI Article

Washington Post

The Guardian

Associated Press

Origin Of The Dollar Sign

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

Dollar sign – Wikipedia

What does the S in the dollar sign represent? – The Straight Dope

Spanish dollar – WIkipedia

Origin and history of the Word Dollar and Dollar Sign

Potosi dollar image

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