TRC #441: Nintendo Switch And Flavour Tripping + Gossip + School Buses And Seat Belts

The TRC crew is back with an entertaining show! First, Pat gives us a fascinating look into why people are licking Nintendo Switch cartridges and what the heck flavour tripping is. Next, Adam ponders the purpose of gossip. Lastly, Cristina tackles a Checker’s email asking whether seat belts would make school buses safer.

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Tasting Nintendo Switch Cartridges

The Verge: Nintendo Switch Catridges Taste



Wikipedia: Denatonium

Denatonium Benzoate

Dan and Phil Games Taste Nintendo Cartridges

Taste Tripping

Wikipedia: Synsepalum Dulcifcum

The Atlantic

Think Geek: Miracle Berry Tablets

NYT: Riding A Flavour Trip

BBC: The Miracle Berry

Atlas Obscura: Miracle Sugar Substitute FDA Won’t Let You Have

LA Times: Miracle Fruit

Scientific American: Shapeshifting Protein Makes Sour Taste Sweet


The Triple Filter Test – A Story About Gossip – Ayurveda

Grooming, Gossip, and the Evolution of Language – Harvard University Press

What gave rise to gossip? – BBC

School Buses And Seat Belts

Globe And Mail: Why School Buses Don’t Need Seat Belts

Canada Safety Council

The Atlantic: School Bus Seat Belt Debate

PBS: Should States Require Seat Belts On School Buses?

Transport Canada: National Collision Database

NHTSA: Traffic Safety Data

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