TRC #436: Applied Kinesiology + Japanese Tourists & Northern Lights? + Coconut Oil

On this week’s show, Adam gives us the rub on whether applied kinesiology is a legitimate practice. Cristina takes a closer look at a persistent myth that Japanese tourists flock to the Yukon to have sex under the Aurora Borealis. Finally, Darren examines various claims purporting the health benefits of coconut oil.

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Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology: Muscle-Testing for “Allergies” and “Nutrient Deficiencies” – Stephen Barrett, M.D.

Applied kinesiology – Wikipedia

Do Japanese Tourists Travel to Copulate Under Northern Lights?

National Post: Are thousands of Japanese tourists really going to Yukon each winter for sex under the northern lights?

Rocket News: Is it true that Japanese go to Alaska to copulate under the Aurora?

Wikipedia: Aurora

Edge: Do Japanese Tourists Think the Aurora Has Special Powers?

Coconut Oil

Center for Science in the Public Interest

Science Based Medicine



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1 Response to TRC #436: Applied Kinesiology + Japanese Tourists & Northern Lights? + Coconut Oil

  1. Paul Buhler says:

    I remember seeing a video by Richard Saunders (The Skeptic Zone podcast, the Antipodes version of TRC). Certainly explained a lot to me.

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